About CurrClick Live

About CurrClick Live

Classes, Tutoring, Seminars and Independent Studies on CurrClick Live

CurrClick Live is simply the most affordable, convenient way to supplement your home-education. You can join in from the comfort of your home, using state-of-the-art video conferencing software, as you learn anything from foreign languages, to cooking, to history. All of our online classes can be purchased ala carte and most classes are reasonably priced between $5 and $70. Many of our teachers will even offer one price for the whole family!

  • We can proudly boast that we have the Absolute Best Online Teachers Anywhere! Our teachers are equipped with practical knowledge and many of them are homeschooling parents themselves. We conduct criminal background checks on all of our teachers to ensure your privacy and the safety of your children.
  • Our online classrooms are facilitated by Adobe Connect. Many sessions are recorded and provided to students at no additional charge. Each student can participate in the classroom discussion by means of an instant messaging chat box, as they learn from the teacher via video conferencing.
  • Our students are from hundreds of locations across the globe. We have created a live student network especially for CurrClick Live students. Here, they can view assignments, announcements, and schedule changes, as well as develop friendships with students from their classes or connect with other homeschoolers around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You say all your classes are "live." What does that mean?
  • What if I miss a class?
  • Will we need to purchase textbooks?
  • How does grading and credit work?
  • What is the best way for me to decide if CurrClick is right for my family?
  • I've heard you offer family pricing. What does that mean?
  • How much does it cost? Are there registration or tuition fees?
  • How do you screen your teachers?
  • Are there any special tech requirements or software I need to download?
  • How long will the content associated with each class be available?

Take a Tour of a class with one of our teachers, Mrs. Loretta Rhodes of Lesson Worth Learning

What Our Customers Say About CurrClick Live...

The Art of the Short Story by Adventures in Writing
What a wonderful class! My girls thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much. They looked forward to it each week. Elizabeth Chesla is so knowledgeable and engaging. I appreciate that the class was so well thought out with a syllabus, links to the short stories, as well as optional writing assignments - all for such a reasonable price!! ~Theresa Citrowske

Science Jim's Astonishing Atoms by Science Jim Classroom
This was our first live class and it was terrific! I'm not quite sure why I had a negative opinion about live classes before this, but I am really glad that I decided to sign up for this one. My kids really enjoyed it, and they were able to learn much more than I (or a textbook) would have taught in such a short amount of time! The teacher (Science Jim) was very friendly and full of humor. He answered detailed questions, as well as silly questions from the students, and made no one feel stupid for asking simple questions. He teaches in a way that would keep all age levels interested. I'm 35 and I found it to be very interesting, as did my 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 year old. I will be purchasing future classes from Science Jim! ~Brenda Burkhamer

Presidential Presentations! by Apples of Gold Online Academy
This is a fabulous class! My 9 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed it! She was so excited to learn Powerpoint and then research her President. She was so motivated; I hardly needed to help her. I thought it was great for her to sit and listen to everyone's presentation as well and she learned many new things about various Presidents. It was a very fun, interactive way to learn! Thank you Dina, you are a wonderful teacher!! We hope to take more of your classes in the future!! ~Susan Maxfield

20th Century American History Class by Lessons Worth Learning
Mrs. Rhodes is so informative and wonderfully fun at the same time. My children are learning so much and it is a great help to me as a homeschool mom. There is a great deal of interaction and the students get to know one another and do projects together. We are so pleased that the work load throughout the week is doable, yet challenging and not just busy work. A nice surprise to us has been the practice our daughters are receiving of reading their reports and papers aloud, which is great for children educated at home. I really can't say enough... this class is awesome! ~Jan Lyn Lewis

If you are unhappy with your CurrClick Live class, get a full refund after the first class session, no questions asked.*

*Applies only to classes lasting more than 4 sessions. If the class you purchase includes class material upon purchase, you must return the pdf documents and agree to delete them from your hard drive. To process your refund for any reason, simply use our Contact Us link and include your original order number and the class name. Your refund will be processed within five business days. No questions asked.