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Your Easter Egg

Who says Easter Egg Hunts are only for kids?!

Welcome to CurrClick's first annual "Easter Egg Hunt for Parents" running Monday, March 17th (today!) through Sunday, March 23rd. Our wonderful publishers have been arranging for tons of great surprises and our technical crew has been hurriedly preparing and hiding your virtual eggs. There are over 45 of these eggs hidden all over CurrClick, all with promotional codes in them worth up to 75% off on select titles. There are even 7 totally free titles ... If you can find them. Start hunting now! Have fun and don't push anyone. (We had to say that. It's an Easter egg hunt!)



Easter Egg Hunt: $2.00 off any title from Secondary Solutions.

In order to use your Easter Egg Coupon, simply add the linked item to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page. Close to the bottom of the checkout page will be a section for "Credits Available." Where it says "Enter Redeem Code" you should put in your Easter Egg Coupon code that you were given above and then hit "Redeem" - this will give you the discount amount off of your purchase.

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