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"Aqua Art 7+" Art Principles Through Coloring

"Aqua Art 7+" Art Principles Through Coloring


Why is this course so special and unique? You are unlikely to find art instruction elsewhere showing you how to color the subject of water, which is so varied and complicated, but the lessons in this course make it simple.

So what kind of variety can be found by coloring water? If you're thinking, "Is this just 36 lessons on how to run a blue crayon back and forth across the page?" you are in for a very pleasant surprise! In this course we cover a wide variety of different forms and colors of water, and our lessons include birds, mammals, reptiles, an amphibian, and unusual, colorful fish.

You will be using many different blues, turquoises, greens and brown on rivers, lakes, the ocean, even a waterfall. And you will color an equal number of underwater scenes and scenes on water surfaces.

You will learn how to show wave motion, moving water, ripples, depth, splashes, river action, color gradations, underwater terrain, surface reflection, and animals in action.

The creatures you will find and color in these lessons include: caribou, otter, bear, iguana, polar bears, muskrat, seals, horses, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, ducks, eagle, sparrows, raccoon, water birds, water snake, manatees, frog and tadpoles, kingfisher and more.

This course is one of a kind, combining so many different kinds of animals, forms of water, and many other art concepts as well, such as shading and the use of strokes that show texture. This course is a FEAST for any artist. And you will learn a great deal whether you are 12 or in your teens or twenties, or an adult. Parents, you will learn right alongside your home schooled kids.

This book is reproducible for all students living in the same home as the book’s owner.

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