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History Scribe - Ancient Greece & Rome

History Scribe - Ancient Greece & Rome


History Scribe helps your children to LOVE History Studies
Children learn as they draw and write history...your children bring history alive with their own creative hands!

Learn about the early Minoan and Mycenaen cultures up to the decline of the Roman Empire. Includes over 34 pages to illustrate and narrate. All History Scribe Books include a couple blank pages for any special topics you'd like to cover and maps of the region covered.


  • Minoan Culture
  • Mycenaen Culture
  • The Trojan War
  • The Phoenician Culture
  • Greek Mythology
  • The Olympic Games
  • Founding of Rome
  • Colonization of Greece
  • Republic of Rome
  • The Persian Wars
  • The Peloponnesian War
  • The Philosopers
  • Alexander the Great
  • Architectural Advances
  • The Roman Empire
  • The Emperors
  • Pax Romana
  • The Christ
  • Roman Empire Declines
  • Destruction of Pompeii
  • Roman Empire Splits
  • Western Empire Ends
  • Greek Drama, Music, Arts
  • Greek Education
  • Greek Costume
  • Ships of the Greeks
  • The Acropolis
  • Greek Architecture
  • Roman Arts
  • Roman Mythology
  • Roman Education
  • Roman Costume
  • The Senate and Forum
  • Roman Military
  • The Coliseum


Includes Maps of the Region and
Blank Pages for your own creations.

Each Downloadable ZIP File contains two versions of the History Scribe book. One is a Grade School version with a dashed line for easier writing and one is a Middle School version without the dashed lines. Ready for one child or several children, print and use the pages that you want to support your history studies. Great for lapbooks and note booking studies.

All History Scribe and Bible Scribe books are available in economical combo- deals. Check to see about great savings for all your home schooling resources.

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