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Doing God\'s Will
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Doing God's Will
Publisher: Leading God's Generation
by melanie g. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/04/2013 07:40:40

We enjoyed this devotional because we are a journalling family, and unlike other devotionals which often give you lots to read and very little to think about, this one is God centred. Children are reminded to pray first and ask God to show them what each verse means. It is also Bible focused as each day there are a number of verses to read and time to reflect on what those verses mean and how to apply them. Through the week the students work through a sequence of verses and then weekends are times of reflection. For my boys who are aged 11 and 12, it gave them lots of opportunity to express their thoughts (after all don't all teens and wannabee teens have an opinion about almost everything:) and it was great for me to see them make it personal. The Bible was no longer something objective to them, to be read and put away but actually to be applied to real life.

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