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"LightHome Sampler #2" - Cursive Penmanship Books $3.00
Publisher: LightHome Publications
by James S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/29/2011 13:49:56

This is a very nice book which helps teach cursive writing. It is interesting, so the student will not get bored. Having gone through half the book with my child, I feel secure in recommending this--with two SMALL caveats:

  1. A few years back, the powers that be, did away with the old cursive capital Q which looks like a 2. This book still uses that now-obsolete Q.
  2. Some of the pages are color intensive and have little or no work to do on them; they are decorative. Be selective about which pages to print out so that you don't unnecessarily use your ink.

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"LightHome Sampler #2" - Cursive Penmanship Books
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