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Mary Cassatt Lapbook $10.00
Publisher: Hands of a Child
by Lori S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/19/2009 20:41:20

This lapbook on impressionist painter Mary Cassatt is packed with information and activities that are accessible to students of all ages. Cassatt's childhood, schooling, development as an artist and artwork are all covered in an interesting and memorable way. Among the many activities, there is a timeline of her life to assemble, a comparison of her work to a photograph, and the opportunity for self expression in response to Cassatt's life and work. Other impressionists may be studied as well.

My only complaint with the lapbook is that none of her artwork is included in color except on the cover of the project pack. Still, there are several examples of her work and you can always find the color examples online or in a book.

I really appreciated the connections to the history of the time period and the chances students are given to create their own artwork in the impressionistic style. I highly recommend giving this lapbook a try. Learning will be retained through this study of Mary Cassatt!

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Mary Cassatt Lapbook
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