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Chinese New Year Comprehensive Unit Study and Activity Pack $8.99
Publisher: St Aiden's Homeschool
by Amy H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/08/2013 09:07:51

This product was really well beneath the level of my 5th grader and I doubt she would have enjoyed doing it last year either. There is no text in it to speak of, and no reference reading or external bibliographic sources for the child to reference. When doing a special holiday lapbook unit, there is a least SOME reading material for the child to go along with all of the activities. In a unit study, I generally see more, i.e., book references, source material references ect. Decoding games and word searches along with fill-in-the blanks are all well in good, but if the child is just doing good guess work on the answers based on a word bank, are they really learning anything about China or the holiday? I certainly was having a hard time gleaning any usable information out of the myriad worksheets. Also, there is Wordsearch 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. Are they leveled? Each puzzle is like that and they are all different with different words. Are we supposed to do all of the them? More than one wordsearch is a bit redundant. Was there some sort of order to these sheets? There was nothing more than a copywrite and I really did not understand why the Bingo? I mean other than having the Chinese kids clipart, it really did not go. Also, they were addition, subtraction Bingo games - this is not properly leveled for the grade it was advertised for even for public school. A few sheets might be kinda fun if you have another unit in place already but I would hardly call it comprehensive and I wouldn't pay $10 for it.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Amy, thank you for your review. It is in incorrect to say there no text to speak of. The text chapters are clearly labelled at the beginning of the book, and around 200, possibly more vocabulary and grammar worksheets Are based on that precise text.

Another issue I am extremely cautious about is that of referencing citing and thanking my sources. You will find in every unit when an external source has been used, a citation and acknowledgement is found on the final page.

I clearly stated initially that the book was geared for 3/4 and possible 2nd graders. I don't find it at all surprising that your 5th grader did not find it a challenge :)

Again I stress that All vocab and grammar worksheets are based on the written chapters of the book, which references can be found within the book.

The games you mention are often included for a myriad of reasons, one being to prevent Monotony, or to add a different dimension to conventional practice. The.math segment can be made as simple or as challenging as desired, the point being the child is having a different method of. Learning math.

Yes, you Are correct, the only Chinese thing about the bingo was the pictures. Same is true for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine etc, unless it is vocabulary based.

Should there be more than one of each puzzle? Experts Agree after huge research into this that providing repetitive exercises is extremely beneficial. I know of one homeschool family that literally thrives on these worksheet/puzzle type of activities. I Agree this type of learning may not be for everyone. But my feedback other than yours has been 100% for it.

Thank you so much for your comprehensive review. I Appreciate all feedback and hope to provide you with something more suitable. (apologies for any typos. Typing in hospital bed in iPad i have yet to master)

Kind regards

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Chinese New Year Comprehensive Unit Study and Activity Pack
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