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History Scribe - 100 Famous Artists
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Publisher: Westvon Publishing
by Ami B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/07/2008 14:08:53

If you’re looking for some basic notebook pages to complement your artist study, you’ve just found them.

These neat, attractive pages are very basic—no frills, no fluff; your student will even have to find (or draw) her own picture for each artist. Each page is titled with the name of an artist, an oval for a photo/drawing, a larger area for drawing, a “fact file” for basic information, a title space (for dates or another title your student wants to add), and lines for a short narration of what your student has learned or would like to remember about the artist.

With 100 artists to choose from, you will be set! If there happens to be an artist you’d like to study that isn’t included in the file, you can use one of the blank pages (included at the end). You will also get to choose between two styles of handwriting lines (primary lines with the dashed middle and regular lines).

While looking through the list of artists, I realized that there are many I am unfamiliar with. This list will be a resource in itself as we study various artists throughout the course of our homeschooling years—and as I need more ideas for great artists to study.

This set is basic, but valuable. :)

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