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Publisher: Integritas Academy
by Heart o. t. M. T. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/14/2010 20:30:08

What a fun little file folder game to help your kids (and let’s face it, probably you too!) master US geography! “Name That State” by Integritas Academy File Folder Games would be a great way to introduce your kids to the placement of the states and can be played a couple of different ways so that your children can learn not only the 50 states based on their shape, but their capitals as well.

The basic approach of the game and its pieces also give you the room to get creative and use the game how it suits you best. For instance, you could very easily play the game “backwards” and have to find the states based solely on their names, without looking at the outline images, taking it a step farther and making it a little bit more difficult. This option would also allow your children to be able to play on their own and self-check their work. This idea isn’t mentioned in the download, but I think it would be a great way to get beyond your money’s worth out of an already great product.

“Name That State” is fairly straight forward and could easily be used for almost any age group to learn from. My kids love games where they have to find things, and the first couple of times as they are initially becoming familiar with the states placement it almost takes on a “Where’s Waldo” kind of feel! As they start to really know the placement however, it spurs on fun and lively competition to see who remembers the most!

Versatile, simple and fun, “Name that State” is a terrific choice for anyone looking to teach or learn basic US geography, young or old!

This curriculum was provided to me for honest review as a part of the Heart of the Matter Review Team. All opinions are solely my own. HOTM Team, MacKenzie

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Name That State File Folder Game
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