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Customer Newsletter for 04/25/2016


Our Summer Schedule of Classes is Now Available!

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Teachable MomentCurrClick Live 2016 Summer Catalog

CurrClick Live 2016 SUMMER Catalog

The summer semster runs from May 30 to August 19, 2016.

Enjoy our listing of CurrClick Live's summer classes. All our classes are affordable and a la carte. Payment plans are available. Classes are listed by subject, and each class is listed with its start date, schedule, and age.

To contact our teachers and ask questions, feel free to click on the class of interest, and then to the right, click on "contact teacher." Our teachers will get back to you right away and answer any questions you many have.

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How Late Should Teens Sleep on a Homeschool Day?

"Wake up! You don't want to sleep the day away!" I chided the lump in my teenager's bed. There was no response, only a muffled groan. My idea of morning and Shine's idea of morning are two completely different things. In Shine's world, waking up too early in the morning leads to mourning! What should I do? Should I let her sleep in as late as she wants to? Or should I require her to rise when the rooster cocka-doodle-doos? When the sun wakes up, Iwant to wake up too. I get my best work done before ten o'clock. Like Ben Franklin, I believe that, "Early to bed; early to rise; makes a teen healthy, wealthy, and wise!" There is something grand about rising early to start the day with a song in your heart. So why is it that my teens seem to want to sleep the day?

How Late Should Teens Sleep on a Homeschool Day?The Hibernation Stage

My children all have gone through the hibernation stage, as I like to call it. The start of the season varies child to child but begins somewhere near the age of fourteen and continues on for several years. Katie Beth's lasted until about nineteen while Jenny Rose's season ended quickly, and she often beat me awake in the morning when she was in high school. Julianna and Shine still love to sleep in, while Jimmy, a senior in high school, is an early riser. This phenomenon in not true only of my children. You, too, can share your own stories of the hibernation seasonsthat your teens have gone through or are in. In fact, in a non-scientific poll of homeschooled, high school students, 98% of those polled listed being able to sleep in as the very best thing about being homeschooled. This was closely followed by "having a close relationship with Mom and Dad," "Being able to study independently," and "being able to tweet while I’m writing a paper."

Why Teens Love to Sleep Late

Why do teens love to sleep in? Well, the answer may surprise you! Teens need more sleep. It is a physical thing. In fact, the only time in your life you need more sleep is when you are a newborn baby. With all the physical, hormonal, and emotional upheaval going on in a teenager's body and mind, their bodies are simply exhausted. More sleep is required to rest and rejuvenate. I guess the education gurus who plan for teens in public school to start as early as 7:30 in some places have never studied human anatomy. Some of my teens wanted to stay up late, and others did not, but they allneeded more hours of sleep during elementary and pre-teen years.

How to Help Your Teens Get Adequate Sleep

You have several options to help your teens get the sleep they need.

Go to Bed Early

Teens can go to bed very early each evening, maybe as early as 8 p.m. This way they can still get up at 6 a.m., have their daily devotions, clean their rooms, and be ready to start school at 8 a.m. Possible problems: Who can get in bed by 8 p.m.? It neverhappens in our house!

Sleep In

Teens can sleep in until they choose to wake up! They will like this option very much! Possible problems: Developing bad patterns for the rest of their life, lack of discipline. They may sleep until the afternoon never getting any schoolwork finished, or working on school work until the wee hours of the morning. Also, if there are younger children in the family, the home may not be quiet enough for sleeping in.

Later Wake Up Time

Teens can have a later wake up time, say, 8 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. They can hop on their day early and take a nap, if needed, later in the day. Their day is still very disciplined, yet there is extra sleep time. Possible problems: Teens may still feel like they need more sleep than this provides. In which case, use one of the options below!

Sleeping Late One Day a Week

Let teens have one day a week where they can sleep in as late as they want to. (I cannot bear to let anyone sleep in past 10 a.m., so this is extremely hard for me! To sleep until ten is a rare luxury in my house!) Possible Problems: May miss out on family fun!

Adjusting the Entire Schedule

Keep a regular sleeping schedule that adds sleep hours to both ends: going to bed a little earlier and waking up a little bit later. Consistent sleep schedules work wonders for feeling alert, refreshed, and energetic. Our bodies seem to thrive on consistency!

Meredith CurtisAbout the Author

Meredith Curtis, pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom of five amazing children, loves to celebrate holidays with her family. The founder of Powerline Productions and Finish Well Homeschooling High School Conference, she has written several books on homeschooling, along with unit studies, high school classes, cookbooks, and timelines. You can purchase her Real Men Bible studies and God’s Girls Bible studies on CurrClick at Powerline Productions. To learn more about homeschooling teens, read Meredith's book, Unlocking the Mysteries of Homeschooling High School.

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