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Math Mammoth Light Blue Series, grades 1-3 [BUNDLE] $120.45 $75.00
Publisher: Math Mammoth
by Rebecca G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/13/2018 16:48:38

I've had two children use Grades 1-3 now, and I'm very happy with this bundle. The mastery form of learning with review at the end of each chapter keeps things interesting, and for making sure that retention happening. I could usually find one or two internet links for games to help reinforce a lesson when needed based off the recommendations with the chapters. One of my children is moving on to an upper grade level and has tested a year ahead on a spiral-based curriculum, so this curriculum is more than adequate for getting ready for the next levels.

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Math Mammoth Light Blue Series, grades 1-3 [BUNDLE]
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