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Publisher: Scripture Adventures
by Sand D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/07/2010 09:28:31

This is a nicely put together, attractive study with short interestingly written lessons, a Bible verse to memorize each day and tons of recipes (at least one almost every day). There are some crafts, a few word puzzles and some suggestions for service projects, plus some coloring sheets (10 or a dozen) at the end. I am excited to try it out with my kids.

HOWEVER, I would caution that you might take the stories behind the traditions lightly. In at least one case (the only one I've checked out so far), the story explaining the tradition "When did Christians begin putting lights on their Christmas trees?" is that Martin Luther was the first to think of putting candles on a Christmas tree. This seemed a little too convenient (famous person thought of it first) to me, so I Googled it and found this article: which states that "As much as I would like to embrace as fact the oft- quoted story that Martin Luther was the first to set up a Christmas tree (or at least a lighted one), I cannot -- for the story is pure legend.5 Many years of intensive Luther scholarship has turned up nothing to support it.6"

If the Scripture Adventures unit stated the answer to the question as, "One legend suggests...(the Martin Luther story)" I would be fine with that. But it launches right into the legend itself without any qualification as though the story is fact. This makes me suspect of the other explanations of the Christmas traditions.

I will still use this study, but it will require some extra work on my part to verify the explanations of the traditions.

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A Christmas Adventure
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